Discover the Secret to Exceptional Coffee

Discover the Secret to Exceptional Coffee

If you're grabbing your coffee from a big-name grocery store, you might not know some pretty shocking truths. Let's face it, we all need our coffee. Without my two cups by 8 am, my day just doesn't start right.

The Truth About Big Coffee

Big coffee producers are taking advantage of your routine, and the impact is worse than you might think—for you, the farmers, and the environment.

Coffee is a fruit from the coffee tree, and there's a perfect moment to harvest it for the best flavor. Big coffee companies, however, are more focused on profit margins. They use "machine harvesting" to pick coffee, which means entire fields are harvested all at once by huge machines.

The result? Much of the coffee picked is unripe, contributing to that bitter, lackluster taste in your cup. In industries like wine, it's well known that machine harvesting can also collect unwanted materials—leaves, bugs, and even dead birds.

Worse still, machine harvesting takes jobs away from farmers and harms the environment.

After harvesting, to mask these shortcuts, most coffee chains over-roast their beans. This process burns out the real flavors, leaving you with a cup that tastes like charcoal—bitter and burnt. Big coffee companies might market this as "BOLD" or "FULL-BODIED," but it's really just burnt coffee, and they count on you not noticing the difference.

But there's good news! You can make your coffee routine 10 times better and even more convenient than it is today.

Why Blonde Bastard Coffee Company is better

At Blonde Bastard Coffee Company, we deliver freshly roasted coffee from the top 1% of farms worldwide. We work with farmers in regions like Colombia, Guatemala, and Ethiopia, who hand-pick their coffee at the perfect moment.

The result? Coffee that bursts with flavors like blueberries, honey, and milk chocolate—it's truly exceptional!

Join Blonde Bastard Coffee Company and transform your coffee routine. Experience the world of real coffee, delivered straight to your door.

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